bridge of peace

I found this very interesting project on Pharos Controls blog page:  The “Bridge of Peace”  in the country of Georgia features interactive lighting along the pedestrian pathway.

According to the blog post:

The Bridge of Peace spanning the river Mtkvari is the third project in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi using Pharos controllers with the collaboration team of Italian architect Michele de Lucchi, French lighting designer Philippe Martinaud and Dutch lighting engineer Marco de Boer.  A graceful and elegant sculpture evocative of a marine animal, its dynamic, mesmerising illumination is created using only white light.

It is especially interesting to see the description of the sensors along the walkway.  Apparently they are using digital sensors, not analogue, and a Power-Over-Ethernet topology between to the controllers.

Integrated along the walkway are 256 sensors connected to the digital inputs on 32 Pharos RIO 80 remote devices networked via 16 Pharos PoE switches to the LPCs.  As pedestrians pass the sensors, sections of lights follow their progress across the bridge.  The LPCs’ support for scripting greatly simplified the task of handling the trigger inputs from the many sensors and allowed the team to make rapid adjustments during commissioning.

They posted a video with some nice construction shots and clips of the final effects.