onchip power

OnChip Power is another lighting tech startup that is currently flying low under the radar.  A spinout from MIT, OnChip has only a placeholder website for now, but there is a great Boston.com article detailing the company’s plans to miniaturize magnetic transformers using VHF (very high frequency) switching technology:

OnChip is commercializing new power electronics technology developed at MIT’sLaboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronics Systems. Essentially, it aims to reduce the size of the transformer “brick” required by many high-tech devices to convert alternating current to direct current, and ramp down the voltage from the 120 volts that spills from a standard wall outlet. Green says the company will likely focus on LED lighting applications first, where the transformer must be integrated into the bulb itself.

“Our core innovation applies across consumer electronics segments — anywhere you have a power supply,” Green says. “It lets you get similar efficiencies to conventional power supplies, but much smaller form factors. Initially, we’re focusing on LED applications, particularly the A19, which is your standard, ‘Edison’ form factor bulb.”