how LED LCD monitors work

Most people I speak with have little understanding of how an LED backlit LCD screen actual works.

Via Engadget, iFixit performed a teardown of Apple’s newest MacBook Pro with Retina Screen, showing clearly how the optical system is put together.  Apple’s big advance in this model is to build the complete LCD module into their milled aluminum housing, eliminating bulk.  Apple also eliminated one layer of glass, bonding the Gorilla Glass layer directly into the LCD layer.  I saw this effect first hand at a store, and it had a noticeable reduction in veiling glare compared to most Apple models (there is still veiling glare, but not so bad).

Before the Apple pictures, here is an excellent introductory video from “EngineerGuyVideo” on YouTube:

The layers of optical diffusers.

The primary light guide plate.

Detail of the etching pattern on the primary light guide plate.

Highly reflective white background film.

Detail of edgelit-style white LED components.

Removing the printed circuit board with the LEDs.