l+b: Aqua Creations

So many decorative lines look badly dated a few years after launch.  Thankfully, Aqua Creations continues to be a stand-out decorative line, a very contemporary collection that balances between the continued need to be creative while remaining timeless.  Also see my previous post on Aqua.

Aqua was launching a new pendant derived from the “Soma” art installation from a couple years ago (see image below).  Wire-cages are hand built and then have a soft fibrous coating sprayed on; the fibers cling to the wire frame and eventually form a complete covering.  The result is a complex geometry and beautiful visual texture resulting from the variations of depth in the covering.

Aqua also launched a funky little line of wool and silk covered table and floor lamps called the Tokonoma Collection.  They look contemporary but at the same time a bit retro; like something you get from your grandparents’ estate that you later realize was super hip for its era.  Their softness looks like something you just want to hug.  Huggable lighting.

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