aqua creations


Aqua Creations is a Tel Aviv-based lighting manufacturer with a line of large-scale, silk-wrapped fixtures.  This small company is using fantastic organic-inspired forms to explore and generate new formats in lighting.  Many of their products are better classified as “light objects” rather than “light fixtures”.



Although clearly inspired by organic, aquatic forms, the pieces are not gimmicky; each one is a dramatic contemporary exploration of form.


It is also interesting to see them moving toward modular systems, rather than individual sculptural pieces.


It is really hard to convey the scale of some of these pieces:  Some are the size of large furniture and can create a huge visual presence in a room.


The layered creases of the silk create a sumptuous, other-worldly appearance.


And this is one of the few circumstances where I recommend requesting their printed catalogue:  It is a gorgeous collection of large photographs that just doesn’t come through on their website.

images from Aqua Creations

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