l+b: Senses

While Senses caught my eye with an intriguing interactive control, they ultimately seduced me via their gorgeous Swiss attention to detail in their fixture designs.

Senses has a small product lineup consisting of a cube, cylinder, bowl and a linear pendant.  They are experimenting with different forms of interactivity in each, including capacitive touch and internal preset scene control. What caught my eye at first was a small translucent glass cube that has near-field capactive sensing and creative internal optics to turn on or off each individual side of the cube.  It is a very cool interaction; I shot a short video to explain (sorry for the lack of exposure control; I just shot it quickly with my point’n’shoot).

While it is a great design exploration, I’m troubled to imagine how I might actually use the variability of the cube in day-to-day life.  Nevertheless, I can certainly imagine many more uses for near-field control of fixtures once the system leaves the traditional “fixture” form factor and makes the jump to integrated architectural lighting systems.  I could imagine sweeping my hand over a section of wall to activate the lighting, much like the visuals in this, this, or this post.

The other fixtures use different forms of controls; the surface domes have proximity sensors and can be networked; the linear pendant has a elegantly detailed touch control panel that can remember scenes (unfortunately they don’t have this on their website yet, and I didn’t take pictures at Light + Building); and the deceptively simple cylinders and spheres have fully adjustable proximity, twilight and dimming controls concealed in their bases.

As for the impeccable quality of the design and detailing, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…errr…typing.