hp photon engine

Hewlett Packard is venturing into large scale, ultra-hi-def video walls cable of 3D projection in a project called the HP Photon Engine.  The accompanying video states that over the next year, HP will be taking this out on a “custom commercial launch” exploring the applications with real customers in a variety of markets.

A video explains the project:

According to the press release:

The Photon Engine image software generates images with up to half a
pixel of resolution, minimizing eye strain and fatigue. This also enables
the creation of realistic 3-D images in ambient light, visible from any
angle on display surfaces that scale from two feet to hundreds of feet.
Powered by an HP Z800 Workstation, the HP Photon Engine solution
uses multiple projectors to create a scalable ―super projector.  HP’s
proprietary image processing software mathematically blends light
sources to generate high-resolution images by painting with dots of light
on any straight or curved surface.
In addition to delivering 3-D content, the HP Photon Engine solution lets
users view structured or unstructured data – including unlimited streams of
2-D video, internet content, documents and photos – on single or multiple
surfaces to support rapid decision making. Users also can seamlessly
move and manipulate data from a wireless device such as a tablet or
smartphone on the shared surface and collaborate to quickly solve
complex problems.
The solution’s 2-D capabilities hold significant promise for organizations
running multifaceted operation centers, including financial services
companies, federal and local government agencies, power and energy
utilities, and network, manufacturing and transportation management
providers. HP currently uses the solution to run global network operation
centers, enabling the visualization of real-time network traffic, integrity
and security status.