when walls dematerialize into video

Creative media agency Antilop, based in Istanbul, has produced a spectacular art/branding installation for Coca Cola in India.  The installation is a simple three wall room, but with high-def and very powerful front projections, using 7 Barco projectors.

The content is absolutely wild, with a string of stunning spatial optical effects.  Some scenes create strong feelings of movement, others make you feel still; some create the feeling of endless universe in front of your eyes, others make you feel like you are in a cozy, intimate room.  Some scenes are abstract, like you are in a world of data; others are literal, like you are out in the countryside.

Such content begs the question: Has traditional architectural education kept up?  If you’re a high-school student trying to pick a college degree, is digital cinema and media creation more relevant to contemporary architecture then a degree in architecture?

Coca Cola – 125th Year Exhibition from Antilop on Vimeo.

via TrendHunter