non-lighting inspiration: nervous system

Nervous System - Cell Cycle - pinch bracelet_1251127990418

Nervous System is a Boston area startup run by two MIT + Harvard grads with various degrees in biology, architecture and mathematics.  So far, they are producing several lines of jewelry, but the possibilities for architecture and lighting are obvious.


According to their site:

“Our trajectory focuses on generative design methods using both algorithmic and physical tools to create innovative products and environments.  Formally we are attracted to complex and unconventional geometries. Our inspirations are grounded in the natural forms and corresponding processes which construct the world around us. From coral aggregations to interference patterns, a study of natural phenomena is an essential ingredient to our design process.”

Nervous System - Radiolaria - Radial Neckace II_1251128139938

They’ve posted several web applets here that they created to generate the forms they use.  Like Shapeways, the future of lighting will be user-configured, parametrically-limited, mass-customization…and small startups like Nervous System are leading the way.

Nervous System - Cell Cycle - wave bracelet_1251128193879

images from Nervous System

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