yamagiwa system X


Yamagiwa’s System X definitely falls under the category of “NOT A DOWNLIGHT!”

Consisting of a polycarbonate housing with fluorescent lighting concealed inside, the simple X-shape creates a stunning luminous ceiling structure that could easily be used in lieu of traditional dropped ceilings.


Yamagiwa is a Japanese company that makes a line of quirky, sculptural pieces by individual designers.  System X was designed by Ross Lovegrove.


When we checked a few months ago with the US office, the product was not UL listed but they are in progress for approval.  We can’t wait to see this in real life…hopefully it will look as good as in the photos.  We’re eager to see how the product is really constructed.


We hope they have figured out all the practical concerns, such as how this fixture is relamped and if a contractor can install it with minimal trouble.

images from Yamagiwa

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