modular arts wall panels

modularArts® - brochure_1249989682048

Modular Arts makes a series of decorative, textural wall panels.  Cast from composite mineral powder, each 32″ square panel includes interlocking tongue and groove edges to ensure proper alignment.

modularArts® - designs_1249989310448

Since these are mineral panels, they don’t off-gas: no formaldehyde or VOC’s.  And they are inherently fireproof wall surfaces.

modularArts® - designs_1249989205231

These deeply textured panels take light fantastically, and really pop under close-proximity, continuous grazing light sources.  This is one area where LED fixtures work well: check out Color Kinetics’ “Graze” series, which is easily capable of illuminating an entire standard-height wall.

modularArts® - designs_1249989736568

The downside to these panels: they are fairly heavy, so make sure you have a strong subsurface to mount to.  And each seem has to be spackled, carefully sanded and painted, which is quite labor intensive.


images from Modular Arts

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