greenpix media wall


GreenPIX is a landmark installation completed for the 2008 Beijing Olympics by  Simone Giostra & Partners and Arup.  It is a self contained, completely off-the-grid, low-resolution-video architectural surface.  It is a unique hybrid, with solar cells integrated into the front of glass panels that are rear-illuminated with individual LED pixels.


The solar cells are artfully arranged in a random, organic pattern, creating inherent patterns of light and dark on the glass surface.  Each glass panel rotates to let air pass.


In the pictures above and below you can see the small LED RGB point source fixture behind each panel, which creates a soft-bleed effect for each pixel.


This project is a terrific demonstration of the future of lighting design, the fusion of digital media + sustainable technologies within the framework of innovative architectural systems.


It is wonderful that Simone Giostra and Arup have posted so much detailed information about the project on the GreenPIX site.  Check it out for lots of concept images, detail drawings, installation photos and videos.


images from GreenPIX

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