MATSYS is an San Francisco-based design firm established in 2004 by Andrew Kudless,  an assistant professor at the California College of the Arts.  Kudless is also a member of the Digital Fabrication Alliance.  Many of the biomimetic forms they have created provide great inspiration … Continue reading matsys

interlam wall panel systems


You know you want to:  Go ahead, reach out and touch the walls.

Interlam is a Virginia-based fabricator of three-dimensional, cut-to-order wall panels.  Using thick sheets of various fiberboard products, they CNC router-cut panels with a variety of patterns of varying depth and relief.    It is really amazing the impact one new tool, such as large-format CNC router tables, can have on the abilities of designers to infuse their spaces with new forms of visual richness.

All of these products are complemented nicely with linear grazing light sources, positioned just a few inches off the surface, such as Color Kinetics’ Graze fixture or Focal Point’s Mini-Grazer.

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