salone del mobile 2023

I was in Milan this week for 2023 edition of the Salone del Mobile. This was my fifth time attending the Salone, so I didn’t intend to take many pictures, just some reference photos for my own creative projects — but of course I wound up taking over 400 pics! A few folks in my network asked if I would share, so here goes: A massive data dump of pics!

My overall impressions of the fair? It was great to see the big booths back – both the booth designs and the product displays provide such amazing design and creative inspiration for a range of design fields – architecture, interiors, lighting, product design, etc.

My American colleagues simply have no conception of how large, grand, creative and hospitality-driven these booths are. They are gorgeous immersive brand experiences. It is like being able to “try on” a massive variety of design aesthetics, being totally immersed in the coolest, trendiest retail/hospitality/residential design settings you can imagine. Most US companies I’ve worked for think a 20’x20′ booth is “expensive” and profligate. Here at the Salone, the biggest brands were operating 200’x200′ booths!

Both the Fiera and the City were insanely busy. For example, a couple of the “big dogs” of the show – Poliform and Molteni C, who both had MASSIVE booths, had such long lines to get in their booths it would make a theme park blush. I didn’t even bother. Their entrance “porticos” alone were bigger than 40’x40′ booths!

I also checked out the Brera and Tortona design districts in the city center. But I’m recovering from a sprained ankle, which really made getting around the city difficult (I have new appreciation as a designer for folks with impaired mobility!) so there are only a few picts right at the start of some cool showrooms and installs.

As for the pictures: I’m not running a media empire here, so all these pictures are whatever I randomly found interesting, inspiring or for specific project work. View at your own risk. Also note: If I stumble upon something I find interesting, I typically take a picture of the manufacturer’s name/logo right after. So if you want to find the source of something, look at the pictures ahead or behind and you will probably be able to sort out the manufacturer.

Ciao bella!

PS::::>>>>If you click on any image, it becomes a slide carousel that is much easier to view.