cence power

Cence Power is a Canadian startup developing an innovative DC power distribution system for commercial buildings. They use both high-voltage DC (HVDC) Class 4 distribution for longer cable run lengths, and low-voltage DC (LVDC) Class 2 distribution for shorter run lengths (last-mile) to save on energy regardless of the project size.

Plus it looks like they are mixing in some wireless controls and accessories to really reduce overall project costs as much as possible.

It will be interesting to see how they progress.

From their site:

Since 2015, Argentum has been revolutionizing the way power is distributed and managed in buildings, and now our team has merged with Cence to expand our product offerings. We’re a Canadian based company that works with buildings around the world, including in the United States, to achieve their green building goals.‍ The Cence DC power distribution system suits the unique needs of your building; it can either be low or high voltage (up to 450V DC), drivers can either be centralized or decentralized, and it’s compatible with most building types. Because of our patented fault-detection, our Direct Current (DC) power distribution system safely combines the benefits of low voltage wiring practices with high-power capabilities of 450 Volts DC.

Erin Kelly from Cense wrote a good overview of the advantages of DC power in building in LEDsMagazine. Make sure to check it out!