nightclub GRNDCNTRL

Check out this nightclub project in Shanghai, via DesignBoom. It’s fascinating how sci-fi/futuristic this project feels due to its restricted monochromatic interior palette.

Although there are few images shown, the lighting gear is clearly RGB(W) strips, RGB pixels up on the ceiling, plus plenty of robotic moving-head spots.

The stark monochromatic interior finishes create, almost ironically, a perceptual “dynamic range” that enables the dynamic lighting to saturate the interior and dramatically change its appearance and mood.

The pictures below at first look like they were shot as black and white images…until you notice a few items that are actually in color, like the plants and the bar bottles:

Of course, a little haze in the air makes the beams of light pronounced and everything a little bit softer – for that classic Blade Runner aesthetic!

But then…wham! The lighting can turn the space into glorious Technicolor…

The “play of brilliants” achieved through selective use of highly reflective material trims, combined with the purity of point/lines/planes of light, really create a visually lush experience.

They also included one image with a pastel-pink lighting in the space. Maybe the space is using RGBW sources. It is quite interesting how well the monochromatic finishes play with such a finessed, soft pastel shade:

Plus some gorgeous embedded lighting used in the entrance and restroom areas:

I like the play of cool white lighting against gold trim; plus the inverse in the bathrooms with the warm white lighting played against the colder chrome/nickel finishes.

Great project! I would like to know more about the lighting designer!

project info:


design firm: PIG design
location: xintiandi, shanghai, china
area: 1,700 sqm
chief designer: li wenqiang
design team: zhu yiyun, yan junjun, yang zhiwei, liu chao, qian mengmeng, xiong jun, gao ya, he di, tan shijie, wu yicheng, xiao fei, shao xindi, zhao lili, shen taotao, fan kaiqi, xiao mengmeng, cheng liang
setting design: unreal production
lighting design: yaank
furniture design: PIG design

clients: cody, victor
photography: SFAP