cima – lighting program update

A little sneak peak at what my team at Cima is working on: Exploring the fusion of “lighting”, “graphics” and “architecture” across a variety of applications.

We’re experimenting with a wildly different 360° virtual showroom experience instead of just another boring lighting website! If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure to check out the beta version of Cima’s lighting home page:

Our first product is Cima Cove and is launching immediately. With Cima Cove, we’re completely rethinking traditional architectural cove lighting and combining the project expediency of prefab construction with the creative potential of digital printed graphics, custom paint finishes, acoustic options, etc. Here’s a short marketing video:

And even more cool stuff is cooking in the kitchen. We’ve signed up a network of lighting manufacturer’s representatives across the East coast and a select few other locales. Contact Scott Kachelek for more info.