LED spaghetti

I came across this fun video of a guy who found the raw, flexible LED “filament” commonly used in old-school style Edison bulbs – which have already been around now a long time. And of course, those LED filament bulbs followed on the hot retro trend for incandescent filament bulbs that is now raging close to TWO DECADES! People really, really like their 2200K light…

But what I love most about this video is how ironically it actually shows the complete dematerialization of light bulbs (or “lamps” if you’re an industry insider). The technology empire that was brass’n’glass vacuum tubes has been completely obliterated by LEDs, giving designers near complete freedom to reimagine architecture’s relationship to electric light sources.

Here is the original AliExpress posting if you want to buy it yourself, and for posterity a screen cap of the listing below.