intra tracker

Check out this fascinating linear LED lighting product system from Intra Lighting. It’s called Tracker, but let’s just call this what it is: The Zaha solution.

Intra has solved the fiendishly difficult challenge of creating a seamless line of light, integrated into curving gypsum wall board ceilings/walls, that can bend in both flat curves or vertical convex/concave curves.

Quite a bit of design and engineering work seems to have gone into understanding the real world challenges of cold-rolled stud and gyp construction, especially for these insane compound-curve designs. Intra’s compromise to offer 90 and 45 degree curves of various dimensions, plus the highly flexible convex/concave linear piece, gives tremendous flexibility (albeit, not with true compound curves…but that is just unrealistic).

The LED engine is pretty amazing, taking standard PCBs and attaching them to a sort of flexible spine concocted from intricate sliding/interlocking plastic chain pieces.

And their product marketing for this system is outstanding, explaining all the intricate and clever installation features they developed in support of this product line.

Here is a copy of the PDF brochure for posterity: