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The Entrepreneurs is an interesting and well-produced podcast from MonocleEpisode 381 from 30 January 2019 contains a great interview with the two founders of Plumen, the startup that introduced decorative CFL lamps in 2010.

Plumen was always a bit of a “headscratcher” for me, as I was so immersed in the LED revolution that introducing anything fluorescent as late as 2010 seemed ridiculous.  But in the podcast they mention that they sold “hundreds of thousands” of Plumen bulbs, so good for them!

Plumen effectively introduced the concept of decorative energy-efficient light bulbs to the upper end of the design community, paving the way for the current wave of LED filament bulbs that now seem to be everywhere.

A great listen for entrepreneurs in the lighting world…

Nicolas Roope and Michael-George Hemus are the co-founders of London-based designer lighting company Plumen. While coming from very different backgrounds, the two shared a vision for what a design-first brand could become and set out to solve the problem of how to get consumers to switch to energy-efficient light bulbs. Learning the industry in a meticulous long game and with beautiful design at the core of the brand, they created the world’s first designer efficient light bulb: the Plumen 001.