wellness lighting

In the Feb/Mar 2019 issue of ARC Magazine, the editorial team asked me and a few other speakers from the Light School sessions at the Surface Design Show to elaborate our opinions on “wellness lighting.” Here was my response:

There is a poetic aspect of light that nourishes our souls.  To quote Richard Kelly, light “…stimulates the body and spirit, quickens the appetite, awakens curiosity, sharpens the wit…”  We are not machines with operating manuals and prescriptive engineering conditions that can secure our “wellbeing.”  We need lighting that both shapes our emotions and responds to our wishes, that drives our understanding and interpretation of the world around us.  That is the essence of lighting for our wellbeing.

Lighting designers need to transition to experience designers.  Design for human experience first, and the technical design of lighting – along with acoustics, ergonomics, UX, digital media, biorhythms and a variety of other specialties – readily follows.