trip the light fantastic

I think I just found the OFFICIAL THEME SONG for the lighting industry!

The first ~2 minutes of lyrics are some of the most charming lyrics I’ve ever heard about light!   Plus a nice big orchestra, a marching beat and the Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda (from the hit Hamilton)…and I think we have an anthem…

“…so when life is getting scary,

“be your own illuminary…

“who can shine the light for all the world to see…

“…as you trip a little light fantastic, with me!”

From Disney’s forthcoming “Mary Poppins Returns”.

“A leerie loves the edge of night,

though dim to him the world looks fright,

he’s got the gift of second sight…

“To trip a little light fantastic!”

“A leerie’s job is to light the way…
“To tame the night and make it day”
“We mimic the moon, yes that’s our reign!”

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