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Gantri is a San Francisco startup that is using 3D-printing to produce a line of light fixtures.  3D printing greatly reduces the cost and the time associated with traditional product development, requiring no cap-ex or leads times for expensive custom tooling or molds, nor any cash-hogging minimum-order-quantities from suppliers.  Yet the promise of 3D printing has been hanging out there for awhile now (I myself first posted about 3D printed light fixtures nearly 8 years ago).

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I find it especially interesting that even though they are using low-cost FDM-style 3D printing, they are then painting the products for a nicer finish.  Sort of a half and half approach to try to get the best of both worlds – 3D printing but with smooth finishes.


Their whole “independent designer” thing seems a bit naive though – that is exactly the same approach any of the major decorative lighting companies have been using for decades.   They are achieving a good price point though.  I wish them success!

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