rohinni: update


Looks like Rohinni is making progress.  Congrats to them for their second coverage in FastCompany.  This article teases a bit more detail then what we knew from two years ago: They are apparently developing technologies to more accurately place the “micro LEDs” in a consistent layout for uniform lighting.

Commercially available chip-scale-packages (CSP’s) are down to under 1mm square sizes.  So what’s a “microLED”?  Perhaps 1/10th of a mm square?  I’m still curious as to the same thing I questioned in my blog two years ago:  Isn’t there a law of diminishing returns for the kerf waste (cutting width) of chopping up a wafer into “micro LEDs”?  Is this stuff going to compete effectively on cost with OLED?

“micro”-sized LEDs next to ant

I’m wondering now if this is still a die-in-conductive suspension design?

And Idaho of all places!  I wish they could have launched around 2011, when I was stuck in Boise at Micron’s hapless attempt to launch a LED division!