e-ink prism and 3-form viva

3form viva.gif

Last year E-Ink released an architectural scale, full color version of its reflective display technology called Prism.  And it looks like architectural materials supplier 3-Form will be one of the first to market the Prism technology with a product called Viva.

Strangely 3-Form doesn’t have Viva on its own website yet, but there is coverage in Architect.  Here is link directly to a video of the Viva in action.

This has been an obvious application of E-Ink from its very origins – the low power, reflective nature of the technology is ideal for architectural surfaces.  I’ve often daydreamed about somehow using sheets of E-Ink for architectural wallpaper.  Exciting to see it progress to include color changing capabilities.  And the ability to mold it to sculptural shapes is intriguing, too.

Here is a video interview from last year covering the launch of E-Ink Prism:

Thanks to Douglas Steel for the tip.