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LED iBOND is a startup based near Copenhagen that is embedding LED components into aluminum composite panels for a unique product concept.


Aluminum composite panels (such as the popular Alucobond brand) sandwich two thin plates of aluminum on a plastic core.  The team at LED iBOND is exploiting the fundamental electrically-conductive and thermally-conductive properties of the aluminum layers and insulating properties of the plastic core to use the material itself for the electrical pathways and thermal cooling.  The company designed LED modules that are placed in the composite panels – presumably via a CNC router-cutting process – permitting relatively easy customization of the product.

Clearly, given the widespread use of aluminum composite panels in architectural construction, the potential is great for iBond to become a significant driver of “embedded lighting”.


Below is a video by Dassault that is ostensibly selling Solidworks, but also gives a great detailed view of the technology and construction of the LED iBond system.

A screen capture from the video, showing the LED module section in the panel:LED iBond2

LED iBond

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