cabs design

Cabs Design is a German design company that offers a line of felt products for architectural applications, including a couple of interesting luminaries constructed of felt.

The CALM light panel consists of LED points in a felt surface.

Cabs Design Calm

The CONE consists of a conical-cut and stretched felt as a traditional pendant shade.

Cabs Design Cone

It is interesting to hear Cabs Design’s interest in felt as an architectural material:

Over the past few years, textile fibre composites have become an interesting material for architects and designers. The material developed by the felt industry is a combination of natural fibres and bonding fibres that provides potent acoustic properties, high dimensional stability, low weight and a haptically appealing surface.

So far, the material has been almost exclusively used for two-dimensional panels in the field of sound absorption, though fibre composites have not yet reached their potential. The possibilities of thermal forming and the usage of a variety of processing technologies open a wide spectrum of innovative design possibilities, especially in the fields of product and interior design.

Together with innovative designers, CABS DESIGN has set itself the task to further explore the potential of the material, develop new products made of the fibre composite NITONA® and market high-quality design solutions.