500 bourke street


A very cool project I just discovered from 2011, 500 Bourke Street in Melbourne includes an elegant custom ceiling construction that integrates lighting into custom cast-plaster ceiling units.

According to the award submission:

The foyer refurbishment includes an extensive new ceiling treatment and wall cladding to the existing tower core. John Wardle Architects worked closely with specialist lighting consultant, Electrolight to develop a custom designed plasterglass ceiling panel with integrated lighting. The ceiling and core walls were treated as a repetitive pattern field that shifted in appearance from different approaches amplifying the experience of traversing the foyer. Each folded ceiling panel is cast in plasterglass and includes a recessed slot for a linear T5 fluro lighting batten, creating a fully integrated system. Consideration was also given to the type of end cap specified for the fitting to maximise the visibility of the lamp. All wiring, power and transformers are concealed within the ceiling void. A series of prototypes were developed to test and fine tune the design and integration of these elements.

2696_20110802_IMG_4148 bourke street

2696_20110802_DSC05157_ceiling_construction bourke street

2696_20110802_DSC05442 bourke street