litecontrol’s liteweave system


It may seem a very unassuming product intended for mid-range industrial and commercial applications, but I believe that Litecontrol’s recently released Liteweave product line foreshadows major trends in system architectures for linear and planar lighting systems.



At its heart, the Liteweave uses a flexible tape strip for its light engine, loaded up with an enormous quantity of low-output mid-power LEDs.  This flexible tape strip is wrapped around the vertical edges, producing a light source that inherently produces a 70% direct/30% indirect distribution.  The use of tape strip greatly reduces the amount of components and assembly costs.


The prismatic optic is interesting, but similar to what XAL already popularized several years ago.  I like that Litecontrol is bold enough to explore this highly-efficient alternative to plain opal or frosted diffusion lenses.

According to Litecontrol:

…with no metal visible from below and lit row connections that are virtually seamless.

Uniquely low profile, Liteweave™ Linear uses low-power, low brightness flexible LED light sheet within a precise optical envelope to tame the pixel by weaving a fabric of light across the visual plane. Liteweave provides 70% direct and 30% indirect light in two lumen packages with low input wattage and high efficacy. Attention to detail includes whisper thin adjustable aircraft cable, clear power cord, and integral driver for ease of installation.

I’m guessing my friend Jeremy Yon, who lead product innovation at Litecontrol until he recently joined GE, had a lot to do with launching this product. Congrats…tt recently won an LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award.

For posterity, here is the PDF brochure: LiteControl___hli_1077_liteweave_16