light + building 2014: LG

Lucept_L+B2014 269

LG, through both its LG Innotek and LG Chem groups, seems to be investing rather heavily in design — and it is starting to show off in their lighting offerings.  Although it all feels like LG is merely “testing the water” right now, there is some impressive stuff none-the-less.

This line of plywood + OLED fixtures really was gorgeous:

Lucept_L+B2014 275 Lucept_L+B2014 276 Lucept_L+B2014 277 Lucept_L+B2014 278   Lucept_L+B2014 281 Lucept_L+B2014 282

Showing some cool pet-tricks with curved OLEDs:

Lucept_L+B2014 280

Lucept_L+B2014 279Lucept_L+B2014 283


Their LED group launched a line of basics – presumably at competitive cost.  Amazing to feel how efficiently constructed and light-weight LED downlights have become.

Lucept_L+B2014 272 Lucept_L+B2014 273 Lucept_L+B2014 274

LG is also messing around with some concepts for personalized NFC control of lighting.

Lucept_L+B2014 270 Lucept_L+B2014 271