light + building 2014: flex-tape

An interesting trend in lighting tech right now is the growing use of flexible circuit boards for lighting — commonly called “flex-tape”.  Think of this as the high-quality evolution of ye-olde LED rope light.  Lots of suppliers showed flex-tape components and fixtures designed around flex-tape at L+B — far too many to mention them all so I’ll highlight just a few:

OSRAM launched some basic OEM components:

Lucept_L+B2014 052

Including this elegant sculpture to highlight the design possibilities:

Lucept_L+B2014 036

Lucept_L+B2014 037

And BJB, a German maker of sockets and electrical interconnects, showed a concept of a robot automatically placing this flex tape into a fixture:

Lucept_L+B2014 220

Lucept_L+B2014 221


Panasonic/Vossloh-Schwabe also showed flex-tape, targeted at OEM solutions for residential applications.


Lucept_L+B2014 230 Lucept_L+B2014 231


In the “Chinatown” hall, endless suppliers had a seemingly limitless array of flex-tape and rope-light available.  One company in the Hong Kong section, Sunshine Lighting Company, caught my eye with a simple but beautiful collection of products based on flex-tape.

Lucept_L+B2014 154