lighting science group: definity digital

lighting science group __definity digital

Lighting Science Group has launched a line of LED bulbs called “Definity Digital” that are offering customized spectral outputs for specific scenarios.

Their “Good Night” lamp is an A19 shaped bulb with reduced blue-light content– that results in a 2500K color temperature; their “Awake and Alert” lamp is a BR-30 shaped spot that pumps-up the blue light — but results in a 6500K color temperature; their “MyNature Grow” lamps are PAR38 shaped spots available in the “MyNature Grow” blue and red version or full spectrum white version; and their “MyNature Coastal” lamps are PAR30 shortneck spots with an amber color for use during turtle nesting season.

The grow lights and coastal lights are very specific solutions for buyers who either need them or don’t.  However, the GoodNight/Awake and Alert lamps are more problematic.  The blue light content of a light source is inherently tied to the color temperature.  The GoodNight light is probably just a 2500K LED phosphor mix — which I’m guessing people will love, as it looks like dimmed incandescent.  But the Awake and Alert is 6500K — a point so blue and “cold” that I doubt folks will be happy with this solution in their home.  Maybe in the summer time, but sure as hell not in the cold, dark depths of winter — exactly when people actually need the blue light adjustment.

Overall, I think this is great marketing — but for decidedly niche segments of the market.  However, these customized outputs make much more sense when integrated into smart lamps that can shift output as needed over the course of a day.  I’m sure that must be LSG’s future for this — after all, they showed an “Android connected” smartlamp way back in 2011.