more robotic desk lamps!

core77   speciesofillumination2

Core77 -- Junior-Lead

Via Core77 – two more robotic desklamps!

We’ve seen robotic desk lamps before (check out this post or this post) and I promise…someday, I’m totally going to build myself a robotic desk lamp!!!!  I’m thinking maybe two — a boy robot desklamp on one side of my monitor and a girl robot desklamp on the other, and they can flirt with each other.  The boy robot desklamp of course will blush red when the girl robot desklamp sparkles at him…

Species of Illumination is by Dutch design student Bob de Graaf.  One robot chases shadows; while the other chases sunlight in the day to charge his batteries and movement at night.

Junior is by another Dutch design student Trieuvy Luu.  Junior is a lonely little guy — until you get his attention and blow on him.