An Architect of Light: Louis Kahn

A great post gathering some of Louis Kahn’s quotes regarding light.

Ryan Fischer

In the spirit of some research I have been doing lately on architect Louis Kahn for my architecture class, I wanted to pass along some quotes of his about light that are thought-provoking, inspiring, and poetic.  I will not even begin to try to attempt to describe Louis Kahn and his gift for incorporating natural light into architecture, but I have included some photos of his work here so those who don’t know it can get a sense of his style. Enjoy!

“I sense Light as the giver of all presences, and material as spent Light.  What is made by Light casts a shadow, and the shadow belongs to Light.”

“I sense a Threshold: Light to Silence, Silence to Light – an ambiance of inspiration, in which the desire to be, to express, crosses with the possible … Light to Silence, Silence to Light crosses in the sanctuary of art.”

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