DOE SSL standards update

The Solid-State Lighting group at the US DOE just sent out an email with an excellent summary of the measurement standards already in place or currently in development for LED lighting.  Here’s is an abbreviated version:

“…we now have such basic standards and methods as IES LM-79 for the electrical and photometric measurement of SSL products, IES LM-80 for measuring lumen maintenance of LED light sources, IES TM-21 for projecting long-term lumen maintenance of LED light sources, and NEMA SSL-1 for characterizing LED drivers.”

“…earlier this year we saw the publication of NEMA SSL 7A-2013, “Phase-Cut Dimming for Solid-State Lighting: Basic Compatibility,” which addresses a key issue for SSL. SSL 7A provides compatibility requirements for the use of dimmable LED products and forward phase-cut dimmers, which are by far the most commonly used dimmers. Intended to be used to design and qualify new dimmer and LED product combinations, it covers a range of supply voltages and frequencies, making it suitable for any lighting product type or application. Future dimming standards will cover other dimmer types.”

“…a number of other key standards and test methods are still in development. One of these is IES TM-28, “Prediction of Lumen Maintenance of LED Lamps and Luminaires,” which is comparable to TM-21 but at a fixture level and is intended to lighten the testing burden on manufacturers by enabling them to use LM-80 data from the LEDs to help predict the lumen maintenance of complete lamps and luminaires. Another is ANSLG/ANSI C82.XX1, “LED Drivers Reliability,” which helps address the reliability of the key driver element in a lamp or luminaire. Still another is a revision of UL 1598C, “Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Retrofit Luminaire Conversion Kits,” a product safety standard that addresses LED linear replacement lamps.”