rijksmuseum: philips videos

Rijksmuseum - lift

To get a better feel for what the LED lighting at the Rijksmuseum really feels like, check out these two excellent videos put together by our local Philips Netherlands’ marketing team.

By the way, in the image above those are my lighting design friends Juliette Nielsen and Sjoerd van Beers of Rotterdam-based BeersNielsen, working on final focus and adjust shortly before the grand opening.  Philips Iconic Projects team hired Juliette and Sjoerd to draft the final layouts, review our prototype designs and test installations, focusing and adjusting the lights, and the design and prototyping of a series of “specials” in the galleries.  They basically lived in the museum from January through April!  They did a terrific job and I highly recommend them as lighting design consultants:  Extremely professional, thorough, and all around nice people to work with.