LED wallpaper

The allure of integrating lighting into decorative wall surfaces continues to stimulate designers.  Two design firms, Ingo Maurer and Meystyle, offer creative techniques for integrating LEDs into wallpaper installations.

Via Inhabitat, London-based Meystyle is led by two sisters who do highly customized, hand-crafted wall paper with integrated LEDs and applied crystal for extra sparkle.  The LED integration is cool, but the basic wall paper patterns are quite stylish and contemporary.


And famous lighting artist Ingo Maurer collaborates with Architects Paper to produce his own LED infused wall paper.

Ingo Maurer_LED_Wallpaper

Ingo Maurer   Raumbild-LED-Wallpaper-407719-RU

Plus, here is an old concept I posted on several years ago from an industrial designer Jonas Samson considering electroluminescent wallpaper: