verti-cult by miniwiz


Via Inhabitat: Internally luminous “green walls” made of recycled plastic by Taipei-based company Miniwiz.


From the Inhabitat post:

Taipei-based Miniwiz just unveiled a brand new system that transforms old bottles into gorgeous glowing green walls! Dubbed Verti-Cult, the system is made from 100% recycled Polyethylene milk and juice bottles collected from local schools in Hsinchu, Taiwan. In additional to providing beautiful ambient lighting, the green walls have the potential to improve air quality and even produce vegetables – just imagine waiting at a bus-stop clad in a Verti-Cult facade!

Miniwizupcycles old waste products using state of the art technology to prevent soil contamination due to chemicals. As an added bonus, the Verti-Cult system can also be integrated with solar and rain-water collection solutions. So far the system has been installed on walls, fences and buildings in Taiwan and China, and we hope the team will soon branch out and spread their design worldwide.