nike china logistics center


Another great project showcased on DesignBoom:

Situated in Taicang, China, is a 300,000 sqm digital installation by Shanghai-based firm Super Nature Design.  The ‘Nike China Logistic Center’ consists of environmentally friendly, low-energy sculptures showcasing its operational efficiency and infrastructure systems. Separate from one another yet are also inter-related are three main components made up of a five-feed logistics data wall, a digital art exhibition and a large outdoor LED structure. The design reflects the dynamic system of the inner conveyor system depicting the notion of energy and identity. the live-feed data wall comprises of 21 custom made modular LEDs housed in cubical stainless steel boxes, front-mounted on 60mm clear acrylic.  It generates intense light refractions and immersive visual dimensions. it represents the real-time logistics information for the visitors while also emphasizing the nike brand experience.  The structure is a LEED platinum certified building manufactured to generate energy from its own solar power plant, recycled/reused raw materials, and the reduction of water consumption by vacuum sewage infrastructure. a sensor system is integrated at the main conveyor to track the number of cartons shipped daily.

I love the abstraction-via-reduction:  A restrained and uniform color palette on the LED media walls really ties together the whole project.  And I especially appreciate the inclusion of the architectural drawings…thanks DesignBoom.