Via Core77, there is currently a Kickstarter project called LIFX gaining lots of momentum for a WIFI-connected LED light bulb.  OK, it is nice that this proves out lots of interest in intelligent lighting in the Kickstarter community, but don’t all these people realize all the major lighting manufacturers are about to launch various versions of these?  Most of the chip manufacturers have the basics to support these types of “Internet of Things” products (such as NXP). And even Google w/Lighting Science Group showed this publicly way back in 2011.  This whole Kickstarter project seems to be operating in a vacuum completely disconnected from the lighting industry…which depending on your viewpoint, may be a good or bad thing!  I think they are also going to have to “kick in” some patent money, too…to several different companies.  All of these innovations have be covered by IP long ago…

But my heart goes out to these guys as entrepreneurs…best of luck, and make good use of the $1m+!

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