.pslab staircase fixture

Via ArchDaily, a very cool custom light fixture from .PSLAB that is conceived as an integral part of a residential circular staircase design.

According to ArchDaily:

“The lighting installation hangs from a partially recessed supporting plate with extruded profiles that serve to firmly set the vertical channels. These channels vary in length, giving the impression of an ascending structure. The hanging channels are equipped at their extremity with extended rectangular shaped arms of equal size. These extended arms house deep inside the light bulb and reach the center of each step, giving the impression that the fixture follows the staircase. The staircase’s core is represented in the lighting installation set above it with the channels positioned in a manner to create a core parallel to that of the staircase. The outcome is a grand scale lighting fixture with distinguishing architectural features that mirror and complement those of the staircase.”

.PSLAB is a custom lighting manufacturer with some très chic projects teased on their website; unfortunately, they think they’re too good for normal web traffic, posting this pretentious BS when you click on either “PRODUCTS” or “PROJECTS”:

“Because the high value we place on one-on-one dialogue is key to our identity, .PSLAB operates on an appointments basis.  Please register your interest here and our communication team will respond shortly.”

OK…and that is why I won’t post any other PSLAB project images here on my blog.  Their loss.  Hard to believe that such a cool firm has such a outdated approach to communications…the last time I saw a site requiring registration to view a product catalogue was seven years ago!



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