modeLab: Screening Workshop

modeLab is the applied research effort of Studio Mode, a design firm based in Brooklyn, New York.  According to their website:

Studio Mode/modeLab is a Brooklyn-based design studio and research collective founded by Ronnie Parsons and Gil Akos. As a studio committed to design as a form of applied research, Mode engages in practices that have a requisite and deep connection to material and the processes by which it is formed and informed.  While we are interested in intense iterative design processes, we believe the evolution and contextualization of these procedures in a broader social and cultural domain is both our primary objective and the means for embedding interest and significance into design.

modeLab will be conducting a workshop focusing on Rhino/Grasshopper for use in architectural screen designs:

SCREENING: Pattern + Prototyping with Grasshopper | 2012 July 21-22

This two-day intensive Design and Digital Fabrication workshop will focus on the performative capacity of screening devices to regulate light and view while simultaneously producing both ornamental as well as material effects. The workshop will make extensive use of our Digital Fabrication equipment, coupled with Parametric Patterning techniques in Grasshopper for Rhinoceros…

The workshop will begin with an examination of a set of Parametric Schemas as a means of identifying a suite of conceptual approaches to the regulation of light and view. Site-Specific Influencers such as Solar, Shading, Air Flow, and Viewing requirements will serve as Catalysts for the Parametric Articulation of a series of screening devices through shifting, perforating, and graduating Patterns. Emphasis will be placed on consistent organization of data through Lists and Data Trees and best practices for Professional Workflow Integration, File Modularity, and Data Visualization in Grasshopper.