disney california adventure lighting updates

My “first love” in lighting and the reason I’m in architecture and lighting design is Disney’s Parks and Resorts.  Disney’s environments derive techniques from both theater and the movie industry, using a combination of rich details, scenic compositions, and spatial progression to create an intangible sense of “magic”.  Miceage posted a few updates on the new projects at California Adventure, including Buena Vista Street, the new CarsLand, and Mad-T-Party, the nighttime outdoor party themed to Alice in Wonderland.

Let’s start with the 1920-1930’s themed Buena Vista Street, the complete “redo” of the California Adventure entry.  Some pictures of the Carthay Circle Theater:

Next up, the new CarsLand, which is looking like a very successful attempt to bring the cartoon world of the Cars movie to real life.  With lots of neon!

And finally is the funky nightly Mad-T-Party, based on the Tim Burton version of Alice In Wonderland.