l+b: Ango

At Light+Building I had a chance to talk with Angus Hutcheson, the Chief Designer/Founder of Ango, which I had previously written about last year.  Angus was a most gracious host and clearly takes great pride in his creations.  One can just sense when a company has a deep passion for design, and Angus clearly instills this into his Thailand-based company.

I’m pleased to say that their products look just as good in person as they do in the pro photographs…if not better (sorry, my personal photographs in the booth don’t do the products justice).  I’m incredibly impressed with the beauty of the natural materials that Ango uses, including silk cocoons, mulberry tree bark, rattan and natural water-based polymers.  The real trick is that Ango uses incredible amounts of hand labor to build each fixture, as seen in the video below.  The end result is a visual, textural richness that rivals the intricate designs enabled by 3D printing technologies such as from .MGX or Freedom of Creation.

Angus mentioned that he is an architect by background.  I certainly believe that, as he kindly gave me — what else? — a beautiful orange leather sketchbook with a hand-painted black silicone pattern.  Very classy.  Thanks, Angus!  Good luck!