l+b: XAL booth

XAL continues to impress me.  I remember a decade ago when we first received XAL’s catalogue in the states.  They had a nice little line of decorative xenon-lamp based products (hence the name, Xenon Architectural Lighting).  Who would have thought that XAL would grow to become one of the global leaders in the lighting biz?

XAL always has a killer catalogue with gorgeous photos of super-stylish projects (even when they first release the products); they publish a magazine for each trade-show season that is better then any independent lighting publication; and their kick-ass tradeshow booths are cooler hang-outs then whatever the latest “hotspot” club of the month is…even at 10am in the morning.  Their booths are loaded with the sexy-crowd, just hanging out.  I didn’t know the “sexy crowd” even attended dorky lighting tradeshows, but apparently they’re all drawn to XAL.

One product really caught my eye:  XAL’s Move It system, a recessed track that has a magnetic attachment system included.  Each module has its own power supply and attachment magnets, and the aluminum extrusion includes inset steel bars flanking the copper electrical bus so each module snaps into place and instantly turns on.

XAL has a nice flat panel pendant with miniature LED downlights spread throughout.  Looks great over a counter.

A very nice radial pendant.  Certainly not modular or repairable, but an efficient way to put a lot of light in a room with low glare.

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