la rinascente – top floor

La Rinascente Milan 1

Ooohhh….aaaahhh….Italians have such style.  While we Americans get to shop under acres of the cheapest 2×4 acoustic ceiling tiles that our department stores can procure from the lowest bidder, the department store La Rinascente in Milan is a showpiece of design.

ArchDaily has a great piece on the new top floor snack shop/restaurant, equipped with gorgeous translucent panels backlit either naturally by skylights above or fluorescent lighting at night.

La Rinascente Milan 2

Despite all the visual richness, there are only four different panels types to the ceiling.  To quote ArchDaily:  “The effect of undulation and depth is achieved through the use of four types of triangular panel with four visible facets, so that the shoppers experience a different effect each time they view the ceiling.”

La Rinascente Milan 3

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