OXO Candela: lighting innovations from Mars

oxo-tooli lg_luau_a

If the Candela series  of portable lighting products were suddenly transported back to the ’50s, I’m sure the headlines would read something like this: “Alien atomic glowing flashlights arrive from Mars!”

Candela was designed by local Boston product design firm Vessel (read this NY Times article about the history of Vessel developing Candela and selling the series to OXO).

The Candela series is an ingeniously designed series of small, rechargeable glowing LED light sources.   What makes them so unique is the combination of an inductive charging station (no charging contacts to orient to like cordless phones) and a magnetic reed switch (so the light turns on when you simply pick it up off the charging station).  This one-two design punch makes the product simple and effortless to use.  I wish we could see more of this type of innovation from the rest of the lighting industry.

lg_lgcanloo_cThe “Tooli” style (shown above) is a wonderfully generic “organic” form that small children love.  We’ve used it for over a year now; it has been endlessly useful as a nightlight, flashlight, and calming toy for our baby boy.   The lamps have more then enough battery capacity to last the night.

Plus, the thoughtful design even extends to a bit of sustainability often overlooked: replaceable batteries.  Take that, iPod.

lg_flare_fThey just released a new rocket ship style that looks delightfully retro-stylish.  Plus they make a series of votive candle forms and a portable lantern sized unit.

Be sure to check out Vessel’s Boston store on Kingston street, right between Chinatown and the Leather District near South Station.  Their store is filled with lots of super-cool contemporary home furnishings, including the complete Candela line.

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