GaN killed the Philips Lumileds deal

According to the NY Times, apparently the US government killed the Lumileds deal over potential military applications of gallium nitride (GaN), one of the key ingredients in LED technology. At the center of the committee’s concerns on the Philips deal, according to Mr. Lewis, was a little known but increasingly important advanced semiconductor material called gallium nitride. Though not a household name like silicon, gallium nitride, often referred to by its abbreviation GaN, could be used to construct a new generation of powerful and versatile microchips.   It has been used for decades in the low-energy light sources known as … Continue reading GaN killed the Philips Lumileds deal

Q+A from Philips Lumileds CEO

Interesting interview in Digitimes with Philips Lumileds CEO Pirre-Yves Lesaicherre. I particularly find interesting the comment that 1000 lumens of LEDs will cost $1 by the end of this year. Posted below for posterity:   The mid-power LED lighting trend: Q&A with Philips Lumileds CEO Julian Ho, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Thursday 12 September 2013] While mid-power LED chips account for only a small proportion of LED lighting currently, the proportion will grow fast over the next few years to reach about 50%, Philips Lumileds Lighting CEO Pirre-Yves Lesaicherre said during a Digitimes interview. Q: What is the trend of new LED lighting … Continue reading Q+A from Philips Lumileds CEO