next evolution of lighting

The Next Evolution of Light Surveying the future of the architectural lighting industry over the next 5 years By Brad Koerner, March-2014 Introduction A View from the Year 2020 Let’s take a trip in our time machine 5-years ahead to the year 2020 and check out the evolution of the lighting industry. In the year 2020:  The lighting industry continues to face both amazing opportunities and grueling changes.   LEDs have won the war and rendered traditional electric light sources irrelevant.  A brutal commoditization war has kept down the costs of LED components and lamps.  The industry has embraced significant new standards and technologies to … Continue reading next evolution of lighting

the next evolution of lighting: connected lighting

Introduction – The Next Evolution Part I – Connected Lighting In the next five years, the overwhelming majority of lighting fixtures and their controls will be connected to the “cloud” via IP-based communications standards.  Let’s consider how connected lighting systems impact the lighting industry, … Continue reading the next evolution of lighting: connected lighting