the DC powered building

The forthcoming revolution of DC electrical infrastructure for commercial and residential buildings Do you know why you must lug around all those chargers for your smartphones, tablets and laptops? Why every “smart” device in your home or office requires some big, obnoxious power brick? Why the solar panels on your roof require some giant inverter box in your garage? It’s because every digital device in our modern world runs on DC (direct-current) electricity, while our ancient utility grids and the wiring infrastructure in our buildings remain stuck using AC (alternating-current). Every time you plug a power converter into those ancient … Continue reading the DC powered building

emerge alliance and nextenergy – residential DC power

According to the Edison Report, the EMerge Alliance is starting development of a new standard for installing DC power in residential applications.  I believe that switching to DC power offers numerous benefits, as I explained about a year ago in my post “Residential Lighting Dream System“. The Edison Report also mentions a very interesting regional investment organization called NextEnergy, which has created a DC-powered showcase house.  According to their website: Who We Are NextEnergy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2002 to drive advanced energy investment and job creation in Michigan. Located in Detroit, NextEnergy serves as a catalyst for … Continue reading emerge alliance and nextenergy – residential DC power

welcome to the luminous ‘20s

six disruptive trends in architectural lighting for the next decade The past decade saw incredible transformation in architectural lighting.  LEDs and digital controls completely disrupted decades-old technology paradigms. Yet the transformation to LED technology was so drastic, most manufacturers could barely keep up. Playing it safe, the lighting industry spent the past decade merely “LEDifying” tired old commodity fixture styles. In the end, ironically, the LED revolution led to little actual application-level innovation on commercial projects. Facing the turn of a new decade, another disruptive wave of innovation awaits, but this time building upon mature LED and digital communications technologies.  … Continue reading welcome to the luminous ‘20s

the future of lighting series

This is where you can find longer form posts that dive deeper into future trends. Future Trends Summaries The Next Evolution of Lighting (2014-2020) Welcome to the Roaring ’20s (2020-2030) The DC Powered Building Luminous Surfaces Embedded Lighting Series 5 Tips to Prevent Digital Signage Burnout Data Driven Lighting, Interactive Lighting & Ambient Communications Wrap Your Spaces in Social Media Media Driven vs. Data Driven Environments Active Objects, Surfaces and Zones Trends in Digital Media for Athletic Facilities Continue reading the future of lighting series

next evolution of lighting

The Next Evolution of Light Surveying the future of the architectural lighting industry over the next 5 years By Brad Koerner, March-2014 Introduction A View from the Year 2020 Let’s take a trip in our time machine 5-years ahead to the year 2020 and check out the evolution of the lighting industry. In the year 2020:  The lighting industry continues to face both amazing opportunities and grueling changes.   LEDs have won the war and rendered traditional electric light sources irrelevant.  A brutal commoditization war has kept down the costs of LED components and lamps.  The industry has embraced significant new standards and technologies to … Continue reading next evolution of lighting